Portrait d'Alberto Giacometti par Arnold Newman
Portrait d'Alberto Giacometti par Arnold Newman

From 13 March to 11 June 2019

The artist’s studio

Photographs of Alberto Giacometti’s studio
in counterpoint to the
"Alberto Giacometti, a modern adventure” exhibition

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Represented in the LaM’s collection by a major work entitled, Faire des Cartes de France (2000), Annette Messager is one of the Museum’s key contemporary artists. Her admiration for Alberto Giacometti goes back to her student years and has continued to leave its mark on her work.

The Sans Légende installation, presented in counterpoint to the Alberto Giacometti, a modern adventure exhibition, brings together a hundred or so assorted objects from everyday life and the world of childhood (including children’s shoes, spectacles and a doll’s chair), all covered in black aluminium and in the midst of which appear direct references to the Swiss sculptor’s body of work. A spotlight creates regular movement among the shadows cast on the room’s walls, while a huge clock – reminiscent perhaps of the one in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis – ticks away the hours.

For Annette Messager, this installation, which she started on in 2012, is a kind of calcined city in which nobody lives anymore. The projected shadows of Giacometti’s sculptures take on their full meaning after the disasters of Chernobyl and Fukushima; in her eyes, she explains, the only survivors are “Giacomettis”.

Dates :
13.03 > 11.06.2019

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